Dictionary of Traditional Agriculture: English-French-Chinese-Japanese

TRAD. plough with curved beam (China)

quyuan li - curved plough-beam and whipple-tree
China (Jiangsu). Photo Watabe Takeshi, 2006.
TRAD. charrue à timon courbe (Chine)
TRAD. plough with curved beam (China)
(無) (学術用語) 曲轅犂 (中国の)
(無) (学術用語) きょくえんり
(無) (学術用語) kyoku-en-ri
quyuan li

Other illustrations

Plough with curved beam 曲轅犂
Japan, 18th century (1729), Ehon tsūhōshi
Plow or scratch-plow with curved beam, Japan 有鐴犂
Nou dankai nisshi 農談会日誌, ed. Noumukyoku, 1881