Dictionary of Traditional Agriculture: English-French-Chinese-Japanese

digging, to dig

Labour d'une rizière par bêchage
Madagascar, 20th century (1926). Riz et riziculture, vol. 2, 1926-1927.
bêchage, bêcher
digging, to dig
(訳) 鋤を用いた作業一般 (鋤くこと)
(訳) すきをもちいたさぎょういっぱん (すくこと)
(訳) suki-sagyô (suku-koto)
剗, 剗地
刬, 刬地
chan, chandi

Other illustrations

France, 19th century (1875). H. Mangon, Travaux, instruments et machines agricoles, Paris, 1875.